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AIRS Certification and Accreditation

Upcoming Trainings

AIRS Certification:

November 6th, 2019 1pm
YWCA: 230 South Madison Street, Green Bay, WI 54301


Certification Information

November 6th, 2019 from 11:30a-3:30p
YWCA: 230 South Madison Street, Green Bay, WI 54301

AIRS Certification is a professional credentialing program for individuals working within the I&R sector of human services.

Certification is a measurement of documented knowledge in the field of I&R and I&R/A reflecting specific competencies and related performance criteria, which describe the knowledge, skills, attitudes and work-related behaviors needed by I&R practitioners to successfully execute their duties. The AIRS Certification Program is operated in alignment with national standards for credentialing organizations.

Certification is available for three specializations within I&R. Individuals who successfully pass the AIRS certification examination are awarded professional certification (and a lapel pin!), and may use the following credentials after their names:

  • CIRS — Certification for I&R Specialists
  • CIRS-A/D — Certification for I&R Specialists in Aging/Disability
  • CRS — Certification for Resource Specialists

For more detailed information about certification, visit www.AIRS.org

Certification Manager
Alliance of Information & Referral Systems
11240 Waples Mill Rd., Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22030
703-218-AIRS, ext.201
Fax 703-359-7562


What is AIRS Accreditation?

AIRS Accreditation assesses the ability of an I&R program to demonstrate full compliance with the AIRS Standards for Professional Information and Referral.

It is the primary quality assurance mechanism for affirming I&R excellence. Accreditation is a multi-phase process that assesses more than 200 distinct operational components and culminates in a detailed onsite review.

The importance of AIRS Accreditation is endorsed by both national and state entities as a benchmark for all I&R providers. For 2-1-1 services in particular, it has been deemed an absolute requirement for funding in most states.

AIRS Accreditation provides:

  • An objective evidence of achievement in the areas of service quality and effectiveness, community involvement and organizational stability
  • Demonstrated commitment on the part of your leadership to meeting the highest standards in the field
  • Enhanced credibility in the eyes of the public and your other stakeholders
  • A stronger position in what is emerging as a competitive field (some funders are requiring accreditation)
  • Expanded access to new markets, government funding and foundation grants
  • Improved protection against legal challenges
  • International recognition by your peers in the I&R sector

For more information about AIRS Accreditation, go to www.air.org or contact AIRS at (703) 218-AIRS (2477) or email at gro.sria@ofni.

Study Groups

“Get Started” Study Groups

WisconsinAIRS sponsors “getting started” study groups. The study groups are designed to support Information and Referral / Assistance Specialists taking the Certification for I&R Specialists (CIRS) and the Certification for I&R Specialists in Aging and Disability (CIRS-A/D) exams.

If you missed our last study group, no worries! Check out the materials from the session HERE!

Study Group Schedules

Study groups are scheduled periodically upon request. Submit a request under the Contact Us section.
Registration is due no later than one week before the study group.

AIRS I&R Training Manual

AIRS I&R Training Manual

The AIRS I&R Training Manual, a 500+ page publication, is the foundation for training all Information & Referral (or Information & Assistance) Specialists and Resource Specialists. It is an invaluable aid for preparing existing staff for AIRS certification examinations.

The Manual contains over 20 sections on the I&R / I&A process (from greeting to closure), advocacy and empowerment, follow-up, crisis intervention, confidentiality, challenging inquirers. Several sections are devoted to specific populations. And several detail the structure and use of a resource database. Are you or your staff preparing to take the AIRS certification exam? Are you or your staff in training for I&R / I&A positions -- or in need of refresher training. Then the AIRS I&R Training Manual is the number one resource for you.

Contact AIRS if interested you are interested in obtaining a manual.