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AIRS Certification and Accreditation

Upcoming Trainings

AIRS Certification: The Present and the Future

Join us for a free AIRS webinar on Thursday April 26th at 2pm Eastern

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Learn about the exciting evolution of the AIRS Certification Program and what it can mean for your organization, by joining Nanette Relave of the National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities (NASUAD) and AIRS Certification Commission Chair; and Clive Jones of AIRS. The presentation will also provide some common sense advice for Certification exam candidates.

This AIRS webinar is eligible for one hour of professional development towards AIRS Recertification - although we do not issue individual certificates of completion. It is accessible via the Internet or by telephone (however, the telephone option involves long-distance charges at your end).
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Certification Information


The next test will be held November 1, 2017 at 1:00 pm in Baraboo, WI at the University of Wisconsin Baraboo, 1006 Connie Road, Room A116. If you'd like to take the test, please submit a completed Certification Form.

AIRS Certification is a professional credentialing program for individuals working within the I&R sector of human services.

Certification is a measurement of documented knowledge in the field of I&R and I&R/A reflecting specific competencies and related performance criteria, which describe the knowledge, skills, attitudes and work-related behaviors needed by I&R practitioners to successfully execute their duties. The AIRS Certification Program is operated in alignment with national standards for credentialing organizations.

Certification is available for three specializations within I&R. Individuals who successfully pass the AIRS certification examination are awarded professional certification (and a lapel pin!), and may use the following credentials after their names:

  • CIRS — Certification for I&R Specialists
  • CIRS-A/D — Certification for I&R Specialists in Aging/Disability
  • CRS — Certification for Resource Specialists

For more detailed information about certification, visit www.AIRS.org

Certification Manager
Alliance of Information & Referral Systems
11240 Waples Mill Rd., Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22030
703-218-AIRS, ext.201
Fax 703-359-7562


What is AIRS Accreditation?

AIRS Accreditation assesses the ability of an I&R program to demonstrate full compliance with the AIRS Standards for Professional Information and Referral.

It is the primary quality assurance mechanism for affirming I&R excellence. Accreditation is a multi-phase process that assesses more than 200 distinct operational components and culminates in a detailed onsite review.

The importance of AIRS Accreditation is endorsed by both national and state entities as a benchmark for all I&R providers. For 2-1-1 services in particular, it has been deemed an absolute requirement for funding in most states.

AIRS Accreditation provides:

  • An objective evidence of achievement in the areas of service quality and effectiveness, community involvement and organizational stability
  • Demonstrated commitment on the part of your leadership to meeting the highest standards in the field
  • Enhanced credibility in the eyes of the public and your other stakeholders
  • A stronger position in what is emerging as a competitive field (some funders are requiring accreditation)
  • Expanded access to new markets, government funding and foundation grants
  • Improved protection against legal challenges
  • International recognition by your peers in the I&R sector

For more information about AIRS Accreditation, go to www.air.org or contact AIRS at (703) 218-AIRS (2477) or email at gro.sria@ofni.

Study Groups

“Get Started” Study Groups

WisconsinAIRS sponsors “getting started” study groups. The study groups are designed to support Information and Referral / Assistance Specialists taking the Certification for I&R Specialists (CIRS) and the Certification for I&R Specialists in Aging and Disability (CIRS-A/D) exams.

If you missed our last study group, no worries! Check out the materials from the session HERE!

Study Group Schedules

Study groups are scheduled periodically upon request. Submit a request under the Contact Us section.
Registration is due no later than one week before the study group.

AIRS I&R Training Manual

AIRS I&R Training Manual

The AIRS I&R Training Manual, a 500+ page publication, is the foundation for training all Information & Referral (or Information & Assistance) Specialists and Resource Specialists. It is an invaluable aid for preparing existing staff for AIRS certification examinations.

The Manual contains over 20 sections on the I&R / I&A process (from greeting to closure), advocacy and empowerment, follow-up, crisis intervention, confidentiality, challenging inquirers. Several sections are devoted to specific populations. And several detail the structure and use of a resource database. Are you or your staff preparing to take the AIRS certification exam? Are you or your staff in training for I&R / I&A positions -- or in need of refresher training. Then the AIRS I&R Training Manual is the number one resource for you.

WisconsinAIRS has obtained several copies of the AIRS I&R Training Manual.  They are available for loan and can be shipped to you.

If interested in borrowing a copy from WisconsinAIRS, please contact us at moc.liamgnull@srianisnocsiw.